Ear Candles for wax removal – Is it really that safe?

Used traditionally as a natural remedy for earwax removal – contrary to popular belief – ear candles have not been proven to be a safe or effective method of wax removal.

You may be wondering what the process involves; ear candles involve lighting one end of a hollow cone-shaped candle which has been inserted into the ear canal. It is assumed that this process creates a vacuum-like suction that encourages earwax and other impurities to be drawn out of the ear. However, today’s evidence suggests that the assumed benefits of ear candles are false.

There are many risks associated with ear candles such as:

Injury To The Ear Canal: Burning candles produce hot wax and ash. Burning candles so close to the ear canal can result in these byproducts falling into the ear, increasing the risk of injury, irritation, or blockage. Additionally, there is also a potential risk of perforating the eardrum which can lead to serious complications.

Burns and Fires: An open flame close to skin, hair, and clothes is a fire hazard and can result in a variety of complications. Ear candles can increase the risk of burns, additionally, fires have also been documented due to their use, making them an unsafe earwax removal option.

Lack of Efficacy: Many scientific studies have been conducted on the topic of ear candles and they consistently highlight that this method is an ineffective way to remove earwax. The presumed extraction of wax is more likely to be melted candle wax and residue from the burning process.

False Sense of Security: Simply using at-home methods of earwax removal such as ear candles can delay the identification of underlying issues, increasing the chance of more complicated issues.

Due to the risks highlighted above, we highly suggest using safer alternatives such as micro-suction earwax removal. Contact Ear Wax Care today to book in for the gold standard of earwax removal. 

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