Are there any risks associated with earwax removal?

Earwax removal is a safe procedure when performed by trained ear specialists, however, there are potential risks to be wary of with certain methods, especially when attempted at home. To protect your ear health, it is important to become aware of such risks to avoid complications from arising. Keep on reading to learn about some potential risks:

Pushing Wax Deeper: When attempting to use traditional methods of earwax removal such as using cotton swabs, the process can cause the buildup of wax to be pushed further into the ear canal causing further complications and making it more challenging to remove.

Injury to the Ear Canal: Usingsharp objects such as cotton swabs and bobby pins to remove earwax can cause injuries to the delicate skin in the ear canal, potentially resulting in pain, bleeding, or infection.

Allergic Reaction: Certain substances can cause allergic reactions when used in earwax removal procedures resulting in skin irritation and other complications.

Irrigation Complications: Using water irrigation as a method of earwax removal can sometimes negatively affect the ear canals, resulting in problems such as middle ear infections.

Perforation of the Eardrum: Some earwax removal methods can prove to be aggressive, potentially resulting in eardrum perforation. This can result in other issues such as dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus, and infection.

To avoid these risks, it is highly recommended to leave earwax removal to a professional. At Ear Wax Care, we use micro-suction earwax removal to safely and effectively remove impacted earwax. Book an appointment today and experience the transformative benefits of the gold standard of earwax removal.

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