Can I wear hearing aids immediately after ear wax removal?

If you have recently got professional earwax removal done or are looking to get it done soon and are wondering if you can wear hearing aids immediately after earwax removal, keep on reading to find out.

More often than not, it is completely fine for you to wear hearing aids immediately after earwax removal. Once the process of the removal has been completed, there should be nothing in the way of you using your hearing aids straight after.

However, it is highly advisable to be open and transparent about your specific situation with your healthcare professional from the get-go. Voicing information that you feel may be beneficial for your practitioner to be aware of is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth earwax removal experience. This enables them to consider your situation so that they can make informed decisions regarding your safety.

If you have suffered from impacted earwax, removing this blockage can immediately increase your hearing ability and wearing hearing aids can enhance your hearing experience even further. It is important to maintain clean hearing aids to prevent a buildup of wax. Attending regular check-ups with ear healthcare professionals ensures your hearing aids are performing at an optimal level.

Here at Ear Wax Care, we provide a free ear health check during your earwax removal appointment, helping you to make the most out of our service. Our NHS-trained audiologists are here to help you effortlessly achieve clear, healthy ears.

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