How can I prevent ear wax build-up in the future?

If you have suffered from a buildup of earwax in the past, you will understand that the symptoms of impacted earwax can severely negatively impact your daily life. The relief obtained from professional earwax removal can leave you wanting to maintain that state of clear, healthy ears, so if you want to learn how to prevent ear wax build-up in the future, keep on reading.

Regular Check-ups: Attending regular ear health check-ups with a trained specialist can help to identify potential issues early on and equip you with the necessary guidance tailored to you.

Avoid Cotton Swabs: It is best to avoid inserting objects such as cotton swabs into your ears as this can often do more harm than good. Doing so can push impacted wax deeper into the ear canal, increasing the risk of complications.

Stay Hydrated: Ensuring that your water intake is adequate will help encourage your body’s natural functions to work at an optimal level, including the consistency and production of your earwax.

Softening Drops: Using either olive oil drops or over-the-counter drops to soften earwax can help earwax move away from the ear canal and towards the outer ear, decreasing the likelihood of impacted earwax.

Decrease Earwax-Producing Activities: Limiting activities that encourage a buildup of earwax such as using in-ear headphones regularly can help to decrease the likelihood of impacted earwax.

If you are suffering from symptoms of impacted earwax such as earache, tinnitus, hearing loss, or dizziness, contact Ear Wax Care today to get one step closer to experiencing optimal ear health.

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