How do I prevent an earwax build-up?

If you are someone who find that they regularly experience an earwax build-up, or if you have just received treatment for excessive earwax, there is one thing you may be wondering. How can I prevent an earwax build-up?

First things first, it’s vital to know that earwax in itself cannot be prevented. This is because earwax is a vital substance which is produced by the glands in the ear canal for a specific purpose of protecting your ears from dust, dirt, bacteria, and water. In addition, earwax has lubricating properties which keeps the skin of the human ear canal smooth, so that wax can easily move out.

There is a difference between having earwax and having an earwax build-up. You may have an earwax build-up if you are experiencing a feeling of fullness in the ears, have hearing problems, or can hear ringing sounds (tinnitus).

One main thing you can do to prevent an earwax build-up is to avoid trying to remove earwax from your ears using cotton ear buds or sticking other objects into your ears to get rid of the wax (such as bobby pins, fingers, or pens). Using these things will simply push the wax further deeper into your ears and potentially rupture your eardrums.

We would recommend using an at-home treatment of olive oil to remove earwax if you have an excess. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team here at Ear Wax Care to see if we can offer you a treatment which will be safe, fast, and effective.

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