How to clear earwax safely

Is the feeling of blocked ears getting you down? Are you experiencing frequent earaches or tinnitus? These symptoms can possibly be a result of a blockage of ear wax.

If you feel as though this is the case, we can help. At Ear Wax Care, our specialists can provide you with a full audiology consultation and make suggestions that will help the health of your ears and hearing. If you happen to require the removal of a build-up of stubborn ear wax, the best and safest way to do this is via a qualified professional.

Here at Ear Wax Care, we have been helping clients make the most out of their hearing since 2014. Our NHS-trained audiologists have years of experience in the industry and are experts in micro–suction; the gold standard of ear wax removal. Micro-suction ear wax removal is the safest and quickest method to remove stubborn ear wax. It gently dislodges and vacuums away ear wax quickly and is relatively pain-free. Removing ear wax yourself puts you at risk of pushing the wax in further, so it is highly recommended to leave the removal to professionals like ourselves.

Best of all, we have multiple locations and also offer in-home visits; meaning we can provide you with assistance at a time and place of your choosing. If you would like to find out how we can help, get in contact with us today on 0330 1334 882 and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online form https://earwaxcare.co.uk/contact/ and we will get in touch with you.

We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience

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We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience and enjoy the service of our NHS trained Audiologists.

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