How to prevent buildup of earwax?

Your body produces earwax naturally and you often do not have to intervene with it but staying on top of your ear wax can help prevent build-up. There are a few ways in which you can prevent a build-up of earwax.

Ear drops are an affordable way to prevent the build-up of earwax at home. You simply tilt your head and apply a few drops of medical grade olive oil or almond oil into your ear canal. You must then keep your head tilted for a few minutes to give the oil drops a chance to soak in.

The drops will soften your earwax overtime and usually drops out while you sleep. For the best results, you would need to do this twice daily for a few days and would take around 2 weeks for the earwax to clear.

If you are prone to producing excessive earwax, then you may want to consider getting ear microsuction to remove the wax and prevent build-up. Microsuction is a safe and painless procedure carried out by a professional which involves removing earwax from your ear canal using specialised tools. This is a very effective method used by many people and is considered a popular option.

Ear irrigation is also another effective way of removing ear wax build-up. It uses a syringe like tool to flush out the wax using water and a saline mixture.  This method can cause a little discomfort during the procedure. Only a professional should perform your ear irrigation to ensure it is performed correctly. However, it is not as effective as microsuction and cannot work impacted ear wax.

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