Is Earwax Removal Painful?

There are a variety of different earwax removal methods, all with varying levels of pain associated with them, but not all methods cause pain. 

Opting for professional earwax removal is a much safer and pain-free alternative to at-home methods of earwax removal due to the advanced technology and expertise in use. The experience of earwax removal does vary from person to person depending on the technique used and the indium also comfort level. If you are wondering if earwax removal is painful, keep open reading to find out:

Water Irrigation

Ear irrigation is a common method used for dislodging impacted earwax; water is inserted into a syringe which is placed in the ear to flush the ear out with water. This process can lead to a variety of complications such as infection and a fullness sensation in the ear.

Cotton Swabs

Using objects such as cotton swabs often does more harm than good. The process usually pushes wax deeper into the ear canal, leading to earwax being impacted further and ultimately making it more difficult to remove the blockage.


Known as the gold standard of earwax removal, micro-suction earwax removal provides a safe and effective earwax removal process that is pain-free and results in minimal to no discomfort. Here at Ear Wax Care, our NHS-trained professionals help to remove impacted earwax efficiently and with the utmost precision and care.

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