What breaks down earwax?

Earwax, which is also known medically as cerumen, is the waxy substance produced by the ear glands in the ear. It has a number of purposes including protection (it traps dirt, fungi, and prevents water from entering the ears), lubrication and protecting the skin of the human ear canal. It consists of a number of substances including dead skin cells, hair, and the secretions of cerumen. There are many components of earwax, including cholesterol, long chain fatty acids, squalene, and alcohols. But, what exactly breaks down earwax, and what can you use if you find yourself experiencing a build-up?

In order to break down the substances from which earwax is composed of, there a number of things that you can use. One such substance is olive oil, because it will help to loosen and soften hard wax, so that it can leave the ear more easily. Using olive oil is both proven to be safe, and also an easy process.

Olive oil will help to unblock the ears. All you have to do is put 2 to 3 drops of olive oil into your ear canal 2 to 3 times a day and repeat this over the course of 2 weeks. We recommend that you use a dropper whilst you lie your head on one side for a few minutes to allow the oil to work its way through your ear canals. The wax will usually fall out at night while you are lying down.

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