What happens during an appointment?

Welcome to Ear Wax Care – your trusted NHS-trained ear wax removal specialists, proudly serving communities since 2014. Our specialised service uses micro-suction ear wax removal – the gold standard of ear wax removal – to help alleviate problems caused by ear wax build-up. Our Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal service is a safe, gentle, and efficient solution to this common issue.

The Process

Whether you have chosen to visit us at one of our clinics or have chosen a home visit, you can always expect an exceptional level of care. Our friendly and skilled clinicians will guide you through a brief consultation, will take the time to address any concerns, and will walk you through what to expect during the treatment. 

What to expect at your appointment

Ourstate-of-the-art micro-suction tool employs a gentle suction method to remove ear wax blockages. The treatment can be a little noisy and uncomfortable, but it is always a painless, quick, and non-intrusive experience. 

Unlike traditional methods such as ear syringing that can cause water-related complications, our micro-suction technique provides the same outcome, without risk of complications. Following the ear wax removal treatment, you will receive a complimentary ear health check with your audiologist.

Safety Measures

Your safety and comfort are our priority. Our trained specialists use precision tools to carefully remove ear wax without causing any damage to your eardrum or ear canal. We recommend using olive oil drops/spray twice a day for a couple of days before your appointment to help loosen the ear wax build-up. At Ear Wax Care, our specialists prioritise your well-being, ensuring a pleasant experience, always.

We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience

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We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience and enjoy the service of our NHS trained Audiologists.

*Excludes 1 ear,  home visits & under 12 years old.