What is the best product to get rid of earwax?

Earwax, more commonly known by its medical name as cerumen, is the waxy substance found in your ears. At Ear Wax Care, one piece of advice that we always want to give out to our clients is to leave their earwax alone and allow it to fall out by itself. This is because the ears are in fact self-cleaning, and when left to get rid of its own earwax, the ears will keep themselves healthy. This is because earwax will be removed by simple jaw movements, such as chewing or talking, which forces old earwax which has collected dirt to the outer ear canal, and the wax will fall out by itself. 

However, in the case that this does not happen at the rate that it is supposed to, then there are some simple methods and treatments that you can use to remove the excess wax. Especially if you are experiencing earwax build-up (this will show itself through symptoms such as earache, ringing in the ears, a feeling of fullness, or hearing loss), we recommend that you try out these methods. 

Firstly, we suggest that you use an at-home treatment of olive oil. All you have to do is use a dropper to put 2-3 drops of olive oil into the ear canal 2-3 times per day and repeat this process over the course of 2 weeks. In almost no time at all, you will find that your ears have cleared out any excess earwax, and this process is pain-free and safe. 

In the case that you find you still have excess earwax, then we would recommend getting in touch with a member of our team here at Ear Wax Care, and we will find a solution for you! 

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