What is the point of earwax?

Earwax, which is also known as cerumen, is produced naturally in the outer ear canal by special glands in the skin and is also made up of dead skin cells. Earwax comes in a range of different colours and can also be either dry or wet in some individuals.

Earwax has several important jobs. It protects and moisturises the ear canal, preventing dry, itchy ears and keeps it lubricated. It also contains antibacterial properties which fight off infections to prevent further damage to the ears. Dust, debris and insects are usually trapped by the earwax by acting like a shield to protect your ears.

After the wax is made, it usually makes its way through the outer ear canal to the opening of the ear and then eventually falls out. Most of the times, earwax moves through the ear canal by jaw movements and is also cleared out when you wash your hair in the shower.

There are many ways to avoid earwax from building up. More often you can simply wipe the outside of your ear with a clean cloth. It is recommended that you don’t use a cotton swab or anything else to poke inside your ear to remove the earwax. Your ear canal and eardrums are very delicate, so poking around in your ear can also push the wax in further in and lead to complications. You should always seek medical advice from your health practitioner or an audiologist if you have any concerns regarding your earwax.

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