What should I do if I suspect a child has ear wax blockage?

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance found in the ears and is often not a cause for concern. A buildup of earwax, however, can cause many complications so it is advisable to pay attention to symptoms of an earwax blockage, especially in children. If you are wondering what you should do if you suspect a child has an earwax blockage, here are some steps you can take:

Observe Symptoms: Be sure to pay extra attention to persistent symptoms associated with impacted earwax such as earache, hearing loss, and the feeling of ear fullness as these can be signs of an earwax blockage.

Avoid At-Home Removal Methods: Methods such as using cotton swabs to remove earwax may appear to be cost-effective and efficient, however, at-home methods usually make the issue worse by pushing earwax deeper into the ear canal. Additionally, children have very delicate infrastructures in their ears and these can be easily damaged when placing objects in the ears.

Consult a Professional: If you suspect a child is being affected by impacted earwax, ensure you schedule an appointment with an audiologist or paediatrician immediately. These trained professionals will assess your child’s ear and provide the next best steps.

Professional Earwax Removal: If the earwax blockage has been confirmed, contact Ear Wax Care today to book the gold standard of earwax removal. Micro-suction earwax removal is the safest and most effective method of earwax removal; restore your child’s ears to their clear healthy states today.

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