Where Do I Get Ear Wax Removal?

If you are suffering from a build-up of ear wax and wondering where you can get it removed, then look no further because Ear Wax Care is here to help with our multiplicity of clinics across the UK and offer of at-home services.

Clinics across the North of England

We have a number or ear wax removal clinics where you can attend appointments all across the North of England, including Bolton, Blackburn, Clitheroe, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Wigan. At Bolton and Preston there is more than one choice of clinic available. We are based at these pharmacies and medical centres for your convenience so that you can enjoy the top-quality service of our NHS trained audiologists, whether you are looking for ear wax removal or full audiology consultations.

At-home services

In addition to our clinics, we also cover all areas for mobile home visits. This way, we can reach all of our clients, regardless of where they are based or their desire to have an at-home visit rather than coming into a clinic due to personal preference. We also have weekly satellite clinics in the Blackpool and North shore areas.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, want to request more details, or would like to book into any of our clinics, please do contact us so that our helpful team of specialists can deliver you the service you desire. At Ear Wax Care, we do not want location or mobility to be a hindrance to receiving excellent care and safely removing your ear wax. Please get in touch today.

We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience

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We have locations across the North West of England for your convenience and enjoy the service of our NHS trained Audiologists.

*Excludes 1 ear,  home visits & under 12 years old.