The Top 3 Home Remedies for Earwax Removal

A buildup of earwax is something that affects us all and the impact of a blockage can cause many inconvenient problems. If you are looking to remove earwax at home, it is important to proceed with caution to avoid potential risks typically associated with home remedies. Keep on reading to learn about the top 3 home remedies for earwax removal.

Oil Drops: Typically used to soften earwax, oils such as olive oil or almond oil can be dropped into the ear canal to encourage earwax to gradually move out of the ear.

Ear Drops: Over-the-counter drops can help to soften earwax, helping the earwax move out of the ear. This method can take time and may not always work.

Warm Water Rinse: Using water irrigation can help to soften impacted earwax. Using a bulb syringe filled with warm water to irrigate the ear has benefits but it’s important to use body temperature water to prevent dizziness.

These methods can appear to be convenient options for earwax removal, however, they pose many risks. Using such methods can cause injury, push impacted wax further into the ear canal, or make existing underlying issues worse. Generally, professional earwax removal is the safest and most effective solution. Here at Ear Wax Care, we offer the gold standard of earwax removal; micro suction earwax removal is the best alternative to home remedies. Our NHS-trained audiologists use advanced techniques to gently remove impacted earwax without imposing risks. Achieve clear, healthy ears without compromising your safety with Ear Wax Care.

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